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    Items on Management Console PXE BOOT Menu Missing


      We're running Management Suite 9.5 SP1. On our remote consoles we occasionally see items missing from the PXE Boot Menu. This is not to be confused with the pxe menu at network boot.


      Interestingly the dosmenu.cfg file has not been modified, and still has the correct entries. If you hit the update button from a remote console showing the issue it will cause the file to be updated with the missing titles. 


      Everything shows correct on the core server.

      LANDesk® Management Console_2014-02-17_07-52-38.jpg 

      Has anyone else observed this behavior?

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          This has been seen quite a bit but it seemed to be pretty much cured by SP1. Are you sure all of your remote consoles have been brought up to the latest SP level? The issue you see was happening only with remote consoles when I saw it but was fine if all changes were made with the console on the core.


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            Yes, all of our remote console's have been updated to SP1.  Specifically version  Some though do show different installed patches so maybe this is playing a role?  We have updated are core from 9.0 SP2 to 9.0 SP3 to 9.5 to 9.5 SP1 over the course of a few years. 


            For example.  Our core server. 


            Core Server.jpg


            On one of our remote console's (this varies from console to console)


            Remote Console.jpg


            Everything does work correctly on the core, so if push comes to shove we can manage the PXE boot menu from there.  In past versions we never experienced this so I at least wanted to ask the question. 


            Thanks for all the help. 

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              MrGadget Expert

              I am on 9.5 No SP1 or SP2


              There are 2 problems I have encountered with this.


              1. This happens when your scripts are not in the Public User as the owner and are listed by the person who created them.

              Go back to OSD and right click on scripts and choose Public User. Also delete the items from the PXe menu click the update then after 5 minutes drag them back to the Pxe menu. Note: they should have showed up with something other then blank if you had created them.


              2. If changes are made to the script in OSD on the remote console. Changes have to be made on the core, saved then dragged to the PXE menu on the core. Occasionally we have to completely delete the script and remake it and drag to PXE menu.

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                I have in the past changed ownership on all scripts to public user, and pulled back over. The problem re-occurred unfortunately.


                As far as #2, we see the same thing as well. The trouble being with this is we have quite a few scripts and it can get hap hazard to constantly monitor, and rebuild as needed although it works.


                For now I have mitigated by making all script changes on the core. This works around the issue. I just never remember having a problem with V9.0.  Strange.


                Thanks for the info though!