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    HII Exclude Drivers from Machine Type


      Greetings all,


           is there a way to exclude drivers from being installed on a specific machine? i have downloaded the correct drivers from the manufactures website but durring the HII part of the script it is pulling the drivers for a different model, thus casuing the machine to bluescreen... the problem is the drivers it keeps using are for a machine type that consumes 40% of my fleet and i dont really want to get rid of them. any thoughts? btw i am using 9.5 with SP2 and the workstations are Lenovo

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          Do not think so but you could go in and assign the correct drivers for each model that is having this issue.

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            Thanks for the reply, however i do have one question as to that. i have yet to see a best practice document or simple instructions on doing that. and as i have played with it i assume the machine needs to already exist in landesk before you can assign drivers to it. the comptuers i am now working with are a new model so there is no device information for landesk to reference and tie drivers to. does that make sense?

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              Yes you would at least need to have one machine check in with an inventory scan.Once you get that far HII would be allow you to expand all devices it knows about and assign drivers to them. I guess what you could do for now is make another HII driver repository with just that models drivers, rebuild the driver database based off that, image a PC to get it check into LANDesk. When done you would then just repoint your HII driver repository to the original share and rebuild the database again. This way you would have the machine now in LANDesk and could assign drivers to it.

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                The second database is a great idea i hadnt thought of. Thanks for ideas, they are greatly appriciated.

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                  No problem. I just started using HII a few months ago when I upgraded to 9.5. I switched over to imagex from ghost and haven't looked back. I am now delving into assigning drivers as well, especially with the 2nd HII action in system configuration to setup Nvidia drivers and typical laptop stuff.