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    word integration problem



      I've tried to setup a word integration functionality within the lab environment, however I'm unable to test this feature. Whenever I'm trying to create the document I'm getting the following error:

      There has been an unexpected error. Click Continue to return to the previous page.

      Path cannot be null.
      Parameter name: path

      I've followed the setup in documentation and also looked at the knowledge document, I'm using the sample "incident summary.xml" in the incident process using the ootb database (version 7.7). Is there something I'm missing or does anybody have an idea what could be wrong?

      What is the expected output? Document in .doc format or .xml?


      Any help appreciated.

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          Hello hrobarikt,


          I have just tested this and Document Templates do work in 7.7 (with the example XML from the article).  The output is meant to be an XML file - essentially the same template file, but populated with data from the Incident.


          Can you raise this with your support provider, also providing any additional details from the error message please.






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            Thanks. Recently, I've been able to produce the xml file as well. Probably I had some problem with the window Create Document. Anyway I was expecting the doc format instead xml file. It's a little bit misleading in the documentation.