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    Encounter problem installing Landesk AV


      Hi All,


      I am to run Landesk MSI successfully, The MSI consist of Endpoint Security and Landesk Antivirus.


      However, I am only able to install Endpoint Securit but not Landesk Antivirus.


      Appreciate if you can help me on this issue.


      I have uploaded the msi_install.log for your references



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          The error logged in the log file is the following:


          MSI (s) (70:7C) [12:03:09:954]: Product: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows -- Error 1719.Windows Installer service could not be accessed. Contact Technical Support to verify that it is properly registered and enabled.


          So it seems to be related to the Windows Installer. Are you having issues with installing other applications? Have you checked the Windows Installer service is not disabled?


          You coul try a quick repair of it by executing the following commands one by one in a cmd.exe window opened with "Run as Administrator".


          msiexec /unregister
          msiexec /regserver
          net stop msiserver
          net start msiserver

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            I have did the step that you have mentioned before i run the installer.


            I am not able to install the antivirus successfully.


            I have extracted the log file for your better understanding


            Appreciate your help

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              Alex.Richardson SSMMVPGroup

              I am not sure why you are trying to install LDAV from this MSI.

              Below is the 3 ways LANDesk gives us to install LDAV. I would try one of these and see if you have more sucess.



              LANDesk Antivirus 9.5 Installation


              LANDesk Antivirus can be installed on a client in 3 different ways.


              • Installed as part of the Agent installation.

              1. Select LANDesk Antivirus component within the Agent Configuration - Start - Agent Components to Install section.2. Configure desired settings within the Agent Configuration - Security and Compliance - LANDesk Antivirus section. -or-

              • Installed through an Install/Update Security Components task

              1. Open the Agent Settings tool within the LDMS console.2. Select the Create a Task dropdown and select Install/Update Security Components.3. Select desired Task Type, Select LANDesk Antivirus under Components to Install, select desired Task Options, and desired reboot options (Controlled through Scan and Repair Settings)     Note: If experiencing installation issues, you can select the box "Troubleshoot LANDesk Antivirus installation using interactive mode" to run an Antivirus installation with a full UI available. -or -

              • Run "vulscan /installav" from the command line of a client computer