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    Program Crashes with Initial Value


      I have recently picked up the TE project from a co-worker, but I am having some issues with the existing configuration. From the sounds of it, the existing configuration was tested and was in working condition. When I loaded the configuration, along with Wavelink TelnetCE 73143, onto a Motorola (Symbol) MC9000 series device, the program unexpectedly crashed on several different host profiles at different points. When it crashes, it exits silently. I logged everything done by the scripts we have for the screens, and it looks like the script called by the screen it should go to is never run. Also, when loading a screen capture of this event, a warning appears that says, "An error occurred while reading the file. Some information may not have been loaded." Only the screens that preceded the crash event are loaded and again, the screen it should have loaded does not appear.


      I isolated the issue down to a problem with the "initial value" feature, which is part of the "Modified Screen Creation" section. If I remove the initial value set on several screens, it runs fine. As soon as I add the initial value back in, it crashes. Is this a known issue with the version of the software or the specific devices we are using? It is crucial that we have initial values set for some screens because we do not want the user to have to input some fields.