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    Capture profile provisioning action

    davidg5700 Specialist

      Hello all,


      I am trying to create a template to capture a profile, reinstall the OS and then restore the profile with 9.5 SP2 using the profile capture provisioning action.  I have created a standalone template for the profile capture and have tried running that, but it keeps failing on "retry 40 of 40".  I can run other templates on the machine I am testing it on, so it is not a locked template that is hanging it up.  The provisioning log only shows: "Unable to find template for computer IDN 4117". 


      Here is the xml from the template:


      <template id="af42a399-9dbe-4dc0-9222-0304720a1807" name="Profile Migration" version="4">

      <description />












        <variable name="_ShowClientUI" transform="none">True</variable>

        <variable name="_CloseClientUI" transform="none">wait30</variable>

        <variable name="_RemoveClientFolder" transform="none">True</variable>


      <section id="SystemMigration" name="System migration">

        <description>Back up personal or custom files before the system is modified.</description>

        <action name="Capture Profile" version="4">

         <description />


         <variables />


          <option name="StopProcessingTemplateIfActionFails">true</option>













      There really isn't that much to this template and I cannot for the life of me fire it up to see it pull the profile.  Is there some other step I am missing?




      PS.  I've searched the community and most all of what I've found relates to previous versions of profile migration, not the improved version in 9.5.

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          Just conquering this myself, so thought I would share.


          It cannot be run from PXE.


          The PC should be at the "Windows Login Screen" (i.e. no user logged in) for profile capture.


          You should adjust your script to run outside of PXE, and then boot to PXE.

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            davidg5700 Specialist

            Well, I guess that makes sense.  Is there documentation that you've found that better describes the process?


            My hope was to create a template that captures the profile then shuts down the computer for the tech to swap out the hard drive.  We like to hold onto the drives for a period of time to ensure that there was not any missing data. 


            Since part of the template would be run while the OS was operational and another portion be run from WinPE, what would you need to specify as the boot environment for the template to achieve this, not applicable or Windows PE?


            Have you had success with this, SW?


            Thanks for your input.

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              I just checked the template that I have used. Mind you, I have only run one successful test (by chance, it was today).


              The template is setup for "PE" environment. My template is not as complex as what you described, but your suggestions sound like a good idea.

              PXE actions.jpg

              I would think that you could add a "Shutdown" action after the profile capture, and then progress from there.



              Profile Capture ->

              Shutdown -> (Pause to switch drive) ->

              Reboot to PXE (catches after the PC is restarted) ->


              Your imagination is probably better than mine, but a few options as I see it. Testing would be necessary, since I am only visualizing. I'll venture it as a guess, and can try it myself. You don't mind if I steal your idea?

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                davidg5700 Specialist

                Glad to hear that you've been successful with this.  I am very happy to have you steal my idea.  I guess plaguerism is a form of a compliment, right? 


                Once I get something working, I'll post back so hopefully it could be of benefit to others.


                Thanks again.

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                  Glad to help, and thanks for the vote of confidence.


                  I don't have any documentation, like what you were asking about. I found this while on a support call with LanDesk for another issue.


                  I want to give a shout out to Roy Meyer. He is the man!


                  He helped me to get a good portion of my Provisioning testing working, and he has a document out there. Unfortunately, it was written pre 9.5 SP1 (way back - over 6 months ago), but I still found it helpful.


                  You can find it here http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-27038


                  Happy Testing!

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                    davidg5700 Specialist

                    I'll second the shout out to Ron.  He has been very helpful for me as well.