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    Gateway Appliance downloads extremely slow


      Hi everyone,


      We are on Landesk 9.0 SP3 and are experiencing extremely slow download speeds when downloading packages and patches through the Management Gateway. We tested downloading a 43MB Internet Explorer 10 package through the software portal, and it took upwards of 45 minutes to download. This was with just one machine trying to downlaod on a connection that is off our production network. I wondered if there are settings we need to check to increase download speeds through the gateway, or if there are other troubleshooting steps that need to be taken. We have a number of machines right now that are remote and are failing to install files and patches distributed by policy, They get an error stating that not all of the files could be downloaded. and we suspect it is because they are timing out during the install. I poked around the gateway appliance settings and settings in the Landesk Management console but didn't see anything I could use to increase speeds. Any suggestions to torubleshoot and/or fix?


      Thank you so much for your help,