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    Do reference lists have to be created in system?


      I have just spent the best part of two working days getting a reference list to display with a dropdown.

      Went over and over

      • created the business object for my process under Request Management
      • created the business object for the reference list under Request Management
      • created the window to populate the list
      • added items to the reference list
      • created the relationship by dragging the reference BO onto my process BO - answering No so that a collection was not made
      • added the Reference list from my Process BO attribute onto the window


      Much to my dismay I could not get it to work. Referred to as much documentation I could get my hands on and found this warning in the LDSD Designer pdf for 7.7


      NOTE: For example, if you select Reference or Ordered as the Look-up type and you have created the reference or ordered lists within the System module (as is typically the case). then leave this option blank


      The as is typically the case caught my eye so thought I would try adding a reference list into the system table and lo and behold it worked OK.


      So do Reference Lists have to be created in the System folder to function correctly?


      Do ordered lists have to be in the system folder as well?

      Creating a business object using the Object Creation Wizard

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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Andrew,


          Apologies for the delayed response, I'm glad you figured it out though.


          Just to confirm there are no limitations on where you create a list object and where you can then reference them.  You could create a list in Incident Management and create relationships to it from objects in Problem Management.  But I wouldn't recommend that particular scenario - if a list object is going to be generic enough for use in lots of places then the best module to create it in is System.  This is simply to keep things well arranged.

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            Andrew Ward Doh!!!  Looks like I was chasing my tail unnecessarily. Unfortunately I had already added the original reference list on my form but unfortunately had managed to lose it underneath another control. This was preventing me from dragging the reference control onto my form and so I thought I had got something wrong with the business objects. If only I had taken notice of the tick mark on the attribute icon earlier I would not have become so frustrated. So to answer my question... It is NOT necessary to place a reference list in the System folder.