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    Problem Silently Deploying an MSI - Avaya IP Softphone


      Trying to deploy the Avaya IP Softphone application to a particular

      client as a test and just cannot seem to get the install to work.


      I have created a .MSI file and a .MST file from the original .EXE which

      definitely works and installs just fine, and i can also get the MSI to

      install just fine silently by using the DOS command:


      msiexec /i sp_res.msi ADDLOCAL=Complete,IPSP /qn




      and also when i run:




      msiexec /i sp_res.msi TRANSFORMS=sp_res.mst (although this is not silent for some reason it tells me the installer still should work)




      I am sure this is not a permissions error because i can deploy and

      install a .MSI test file from the same location, which works just fine.




      The Distribution Package uses the MSI as its primary file, and as an install option under Command Line, i have specified: "TRANSFORMS=sp_res.mst" - also pointing to the .MST as an additional file....every other option in the Distribution Package is pretty much default.




      In the Scheduled Task i have set that Distribution Package as the Main Package,

      and have tried a Standard Unicast Push, Emergency Distribution as well

      as placing the install as a policy to appear in the Software Deployment

      Portal. Each one of these distributions gives the same error.




      The files are getting to the host as i can see the proper file structure populating in C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\sdmcache\ although the install will not work




      On the host i get 2 Event Log messages: "Failed to connect to server. Error: 0x800401F0" and "Product: Avaya IP Softphone R6 -- Installation failed."




      and i have attached the log from Landesk (the result shows as "Failed to install package")




      Can anyone see where i am going wrong?