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    Error at ADD TO CART




      I am getting an error when using the ADD TO CART functionality in Self Service...


      "No Reference to requested service (CI) on Window, item cannot be added to cart",


      I've had some advice that I need to add the configuration item object to the form - over and above attributes on the form, how?






      LDSD 7.5sp1

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Steve,


          When you add to cart you are starting the process that has been associated with your Service CI in the CMDB; I assumed it is a Request process in teh Request Domain but it isn't always the case as you can start any process from the Service CI.


          So sounds like the (Request) window that is opening for that process (have you got attached via window views) does not have the CI attribute on it;  it will be the "Configuration Item Requested" attribute I'd suggest.


          Hope all is going well since we last met up.





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            Hi Julian,


            Thanks for replying, please see documented process, below...





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              rstacy Apprentice

              I was able to reproduce this error on a custom window in my 7.7.2 environment and resolve it bay adding both the "Catalogue Hierarchy Category" object and the "Configuration Item Requested" object to my window.  I got the idea by looking at the "Hardware Request" window that comes in the box.

              Create a template to pre-fill both fields and then you may hide them (ShowOnWindow:False) on the custom window.