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    Documentation for LDDA for SCCM?


      Hi folks,


      Long time, no see! Hope the community is well.


      I've been trying to track down some documentation on implementing and using the SCCM version of Data Analytics (or Management Intelligence as it seems to be called on the marketing website - could do with some more consistent branding there!)


      Ideally, something explaining how to implement it on the assumption that you have no existing LANDesk infrastucture, and no LDMS licenses (no intention of deploying LD agents - that's what SCCM is for). I realise you need a Management Suite core, but here, it sole purpose seems to be to host the DA tools.


      Does something like this exist?




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          Unfortunately there is not a lot of documentation on that at the moment.  Essentially you install an LDMS core and the SCCM version of Data Analytics.  This will reskin the core to the different name.  It will also launch a wizard to perform an SCCM import.  Depending on what you are buying this for, you can then use different features.

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            Thanks for your reply Dave.


            Hehe, I'd not noticed it renamed the LDMS console! Is that more-or-less the only difference between LDDA & LDDA4SCCM? . The LDMS core is running as a trial at the moment (I don't think our old LDMS license covers 9.5), so it's a little odd to have all the traditional LANDesk features so prominent still.


            Right now, I'm interested in seeing how it works for managing assets and their lifecyles, including inventorising non-computer devices (maybe even non-electronic ones) with barcode scanning support to track movements, etc. The automatic lookup of warranty information is pretty cool too.


            I was kinda hoping the SCCM edition would have some mechanism to selectively push some of the extra data back into the SCCM database, but I'm not seeing that anywhere. Collections based on lifecycle state, or warranty state could have interesting uses.



            Some background...


            We were an LDMS & LDSS customer for 5-6 years (although never moved passed LD9.0 SP2). Towards the end, we purchased LDDA (about the time Managed Planet were aquired). There was a great deal of promise in the tools, but we struggled to get up and running due to poor documentation and a lack of clear support (maybe down to the aquisition, maybe down to our reseller's lack of experience with the MP stuff - no idea). Then we decided to migrate to SCCM (about 6 months ago).


            There were several reasons for that descision, but it's not the time or place to be LANDesk-bashing (and I'll admit there are some features we really miss).


            Anyway, at the time, our reseller mentioned that LD might be bringing out a version of LDDA for SCCM, and it was possible that our licenses could be transferred. We didn't follow it up as we had enough on our plate, and I don't know if this is actually possible.


            The need for asset management has come up again, so I thought I'd take a look at the current state of the tools. The documentation appears to have improved, but it's shame nothing is particularly focussed on the SCCM side of things.


            As a side note, it's fascinating to see LDMS 9.5 SP2 up and running. I wonder, if it had existed 2 years ago, if we might still be using it!