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    Select Inventory Attributes to store tool in LDMS 9.5 sp1 spanish core server


      Hi there,


      I've tried to configure what inventory attributes to store in the database using the "Select Attributes to Store" tool in the core server console. I've selected a specific attribute that continuosly creates duplicates of itself, so in a way prevent it from being copied in the inventory database once and again and duplicate itself. But unfortunately this configuration does not stop this attribute from being entered in the database, more over after a few days, the attribute I selected to be filtered out in the left column has disappeared and the offending attribute was replicating itsel in the inventory database once and again.Untitled.jpg



      That is the only way I have so far been able to found that could possible help me to avoid these puplicates from populating the datase, but alas it seems the "Select Attribute to Store" is faulty and does not work as spected.


      Any ideas?