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    Environment variables


      have an app I am trying to thinstall that uses %COMPUTERNAME% in the command line. The program creates a folder on the network drive with the computername for database LCK files etc. I tried creating a folder called "%COMPUTERNAME%" and it proceeded past the first error to another error trying to access a file in that folder with %COMPUTERNAME% in it.


      Is this a bug with thinstall not translating variables within the package?




      From package.ini:


      http://Centricity Pharmacy Test on mercury.exe

      Shortcut=Centricity Pharmacy Prod on atlas.exe



      CommandLine="%ProgramFilesDir%\DLC101A\bin\prowin32.exe" -p J:\rx\v82\cfg\cfgstart.p -param S,%COMPUTERNAME%,crh1214t,default,mercury,10820 -wy

      Icon=%ProgramFilesDir%\Centricity Pharmacy v8.2\RxTFCv82.ico

      Shortcuts=%Desktop%;%Programs%\Centricity Pharmacy v8.2;%ProgramFilesDir%\Centricity Pharmacy v8.2