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    9.5 SP2 - Probably easy questions

    emcphail Rookie

      1.  Is it necessary to step from 9.5 to SP1 to SP2, or can we upgrade directly to SP2.   We are on 9.5, and now that I'm just getting the open time to get our environment to SP1, SP2 is released.  


      2.  Am I correct in my understanding that post update to the Core, we will need to both update the LDMS consoles for the IT Team as well as push the updated agent from the core out to the clients?   Post-upgrade if we simply force an enviornment wide check in, will that update the agents or will it require a specific push?


      Thanks in advance.  This is the first upgrade I will be handling since stepping into this role.   We run smoothly on 9.5, but the 8.1 compatibility is a major incentive (for members of the IT team anyway) to get us up to date.

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          amagi Expert

          Yes, easy questions:

          1- simply install SP2 (you don't need to pass through SP1 before)

          2- you are correct: you will need to update both LDMS Consoles and agents. You can do it using Patch Manager, you will find a LANDesk update for Console and agents (it is called LD-95-SP2)

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            To elaborate on amagi's correct answers:


            The patch files for the LDMS Console and core server can be found at http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-30788. I went through the same process of upgrading from 9.5 (no SP) to 9.5 SP2, and it worked flawlessly.


            Getting the console upgraded was also easy; just apply the patch file to any 9.5 console and watch it work.


            I am still in the process of updating all the agents in the system. I haven't had any issues yet with using the 9.5 SP2 core server and 9.5 SP2 console to connect back to an agent that hasn't updated.