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    Finding Winterms


      Hello, we are using a number of Dell Wyse Winterms, C30 models running windows CE and D10 models running Thin OS. I am trying to figure out a query that will detect the devices for me this way I can compare to my list in Wyse Device Manager and make sure I got all my winterms accounted for. Any suggestions?



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          marcel Specialist

          Are you using Citrix or RDS?


          For my Wyse Devices i have create a little powershell Script that creates some .ims files at login to our Terminal Server and then import them via ldscan folder. We use this to license all our systems via landesk.

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              I have been trying to find what a IMS file is on the net no luck. What type of info is the file creating?

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                marcel Specialist

                IMS are miniscan files. Create a .ims file with the following mini contents:


                Device Name = COMPUTERNAME

                Network - NIC Address = 001122334455



                You could copy this file to your ldscan core folder. If computername already exists the device is updated, if not computername will be created.


                In my environment i create at login:


                Device Name = COMPUTERNAME

                Network - NIC Address = 001122334455

                Network - TCPIP - Address =

                Citrix - Username = username

                Citrix - Servername = servername

                Citrix - Clientname = clientname

                Citrix - Applikation = CitrixApp

                Citrix - SessionID = 2

                Citrix - SessionName = ICA-TCP#0

                Citrix - LogonTime = 02/28/2014 09:10:25

                Login Name = username



                Be sure that your file is UTF8 encoded.

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