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    How to Add Collections to New Request


      As my first foray into Service Desk Design I have been given a task to create a Contract Procurement Rules Exemption Form to provide a workflow for approval and authorisation for thse projects that seek to bypass the normal rules for procurement mainly dependent on the value of the contract.

      I decided to create this as a request and have therefore initially created a Request CPRE object to capture the required data under the Request Management core business object.



      Request Management

      Request CPRE


      I am having difficulty in identifying and adding business objects to provide collections for

      • assignments
      • attachments
      • authorisations

      Could you please tell me where to find the relevant BO and when I drag and drop it in the designer do I

      • drag and drop my Request CPRE onto the core BO (Assignment, Attachment, Authorisation)
      • drag and drop the core BO (Assignment, Attachment, Authorisation) onto my Request CPRE
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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          To create  collection you drag the parent (Request) to the child (CPRE) and say Yes to the question.  This will create a CPRE collection on the Request object.  You know you did it right when after you do it you open the Request BO and you will see a CPRE Collection attribute within there.  This is where you would create the Action tied to the CPRE object.

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            Thanks Jamie. My newbie status and lacj of confidence may be confusing me here.

            I did as you suiggested (which I thought I had tried to do before but for soem reason it didn't work) and had to save my CPRE object, exit the console and do an IIS reset before I saw the new relationship objects.


            Here is a screenshot showing two Object Designer windows focused on what I think are the correct BOs after I had made the relationship.

            Assignment Relationship.jpg

            So what I did - the blue arrow in the graphic above

            • Selected and dragged the system Request Management\Assignment object
            • Dropped it onto my Request CPRE object

            This created - highlighted in a green box in the graphic above

            • a one-to-one Assignment on my Request Management\Request CPRE object
            • a one to many Request CPRE Collection on the system Request Management\Assignment object


            When I look at the system Request Management\Request object and its relationship to Assignment it is in the opposite direction

            Assignment Relationship System.jpg

            • a one-to-many Assignments on the Request Management\Request
            • a one-to-one Request on the Request Management\Assignment

            Thinking logically this does seem to be the correct way round as each request could have mutliple assignments but each assignment should belong to only one request.


            This being the case then should I have created the relationship by dragging my RM\Request CPRE on to the RM\Assignment?

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              Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

              If you want an Assignments collection (many to one) you will need to drag your parent object (in this case RM\Request CPRE) onto the Assignments BO.  This will prompt you for the question and it will create an Assignments collection on the Request CPRE object.