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    Looking for best practice for microsoft updates


      Hello everyone,


      I need some help.  I have the patch and compliance portion of landesk but it does not seem to (1) grab all microsoft windows updates (I've searched for specific KBs) or (2) actually install them onto machines.


      While talking to tech support last week I asked if I needed to go ahead and install the WSUS service on a server to help with this and the landesk tech said that the patch and compliance module will do everything that WSUS will do.


      Does anyone have a step by step guide for configuring patch and compliance and a best practice for keeping it updated and maintained?


      We are currently in the process of switching all of our machines over from 9.0 sp3 to 9.5 sp2 (2 seperate core servers) so I am more interested in the 9.5 sp2 version.


      Any help and suggestions are appreciated.


      Thank you