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    9.5 SP2 your experience


      Good Afternoon!


      Just wanted to see what everyones experience with the 9.5 SP2 upgrade has been like?  Any new issues that ended up being a show stopper or PITA?  I have 2 cases with support been open for a little over a month and now they are saying "fixed with SP2" or fixed with SP2 + additional patches.  Before committing i wanted to see how others have faired.


      Thanks in advance.



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          klevitan Specialist

          We just upgraded and the process went flawlessly.

          One issue we had with provisioning (mapping drives to preferred server) which we hoped was going to be fixed in SP2 was not.


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            germanl Apprentice

            What version did you upgrade from?

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              klevitan Specialist

              9.5 sp1

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                @klevitan, Thanks for the info.  Glad to hear the upgrade  went well for you. Strange your mapping drives to preferred server isnt working; we havent had that issue.  We dont use it for a lot; but we do use it mainly when provisioning machines and havent had an issue.


                hope you can find a resolution soon.


                Thank you,


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                  Had a great experience with a combination of upgrading an existing 9.5 core to 9.5 SP2. At the same time, we imported all the data from our 9.0 SP3 core (provisioning templates, scripts, SWD packages, etc...) The upgrade was easy and happened without errors. Migrating data from the 9.0 SP3 core was a little more complicated, but was still very successful. We are now fully migrated to the 9.5 SP2 core and are preparing to decommission and repurpose the 9.0 SP3 server. The whole process took approximately 2 weeks.

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                    MrGadget Expert

                    My upgrade from 9.5 No SP to 9.5 SP2 went without problems.


                    However Provisioning  started failing and we had to add another step.


                    Vpro is not working.


                    I just started upgrading the clients and found the Software Distribution Packages fail on a computer with the new agent if there is no user logged in. I have a case open on this.


                    There is a component patch base for Sp2 and it broke patch scans and preferred server replication but it was a known issuse and Landesk Support sent a patch which fixed it.


                    I pray everything else works after I get my agent out and the above fixed.