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    Displaying notifications to Mac Users using bash and applescript - Not displaying


      Hi everyone,


      I have been having some intermittent issues with displaying notifications to Mac users.  I use a bash script via software deployment. Currently I wrap the bash script around applescript to use display dialog command.  I do all my testing locally and everything works beautifully.  Check my permissions, 755 and all is good.

      I then test from LANDesk and the LANDesk.log will show that all ran successfully, my sdcache shows everyrthing got downloaded but the dialog never shows up. Or once in a while it will and then every subsequent test goes back to nothing.


      To further troubleshoot I tried capturing the logged in username and run the command as the logged in user incase running as root was the issue but still had the same results.


      Has anybody set in place or had success displaying notifications to Mac sers Using LANDesk?  We are trying to slowly but surely notify users of needed updates(most are administrators) before setting a patch schedule in place.


      Any help or insight would be much appreciated.

      My environmemnt is 9.5 SP2.


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          Most of LANDesk on a Mac will be running as root.  It will not generally be running as the logged in user.  If you run those scripts locally as root do they behave the same way? The thing with bash scripts is that within LANDESK Management Suite for Mac, we will push the shell script but the return codes aren't captured.  So when it says success that means that the script was pushed to the device successfully and not necessarily that it ran as desired.

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            Thanks for the reply.  Yes my original scripts do not try to run the notifications as the logged in user so when my original scripts ran (as root) this behavior was originally happening.  Most, if not all, my new scripts and packages are being ran in a local test Dev group so I have eyes on the Mac when I am trying to execute and deploy the scripts.


            One thing I have noticed that seems to be different from when I was running 9.0 Mac agent to now the 9.5 SP2 Mac agent is the behavior of LDKahuna and LDGidget.  LDGidget used to create a temp directory right in the sdcache folder to extract a file...now when I look at the logs, it looks like a completely different temp directory is created in /var where it extracts and tries to run rather than the actual file getting extracted to the sdcache folder.  All my extcatctions with ldgidget end up with "not finding a file to execute" in the log history.