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    Copy Rules and HTML fields - WebDesk 7.7

    Adam Wilden Expert



      Might be an old one but I can't find any posts.


      We've come across our first major stumbling block in 7.7  (we were previously on 7.4).


      Our Service Desk rely heavily on dropdowns to create auto-fill templates for common Incidents/notes/resolutions etc...  These use copy rules to fill various fields.


      This has always worked well in previous versions but in 7.7 we have set our main process description/text field to HTML (the main reason we wanted to upgrade was to take advantages of images in HTML fields).


      When any copy rules fire, the new text is correctly pasted into all of the fields and looks fine, but when the window is saved, it disappears again from any HTML fields.


      We've tried with various settings/browsers - same thing.


      If the HTML field is edited before saving (or even clicked in and given focus) then it saves OK - but busy staff are unlikly to remember to do this every time, and as we se the field to write once for audit purposes, UAT has led to a LOT of Incidnets with blank descriptions.


      Does anyone have any ideas?  Hoping this is a simple fix as this will be a major issue for us.


      Cheers - Adam.