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    Windows 8 OS Deployment on LDMS 9.0 SP4


      Is this possible?


      i'm sure the question has probably been asked before and I am probably using incorrect search terms, so apologies.


      I am unable to upgrade to 9.5 currently due to my OS level being 2003 on the core and am still awaiting the business to sign off the costs to do the upgrade etc, but of course I am now being asked to manage Windows 8 devices.


      So thought before I even attempt to get it work, probably better I ask if it's even possible, or if there may be some 'unofficial' hacks I may need to do in order to get it working?



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Some bits will work but you will have more issues than it is worth.


          Nothing stops you from imaging a windows 8 system but the LANDESK components such as provisioning itself, HII and the client agent will all have varying problems. So you can get an image down but you won't get much management afterwards.


          Based on the time you would waste trying to make an unsupported configuration work and the loss of support, management, and possibly security control over the Win8 devices, it 'should' all add together to give you the business case you need to get from 2k3 to 2k8r2 on your server to use 9.5. As it is, the annual maintenance for LANDESK is partially wasted because you aren't using the latest and greatest.


          This is all aimed at business case justification; just in case you mistakenly think I'm having a pop.


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