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    email updates to incidents and removing the reminder details from the original message

    jasoncadman Expert

      Dear All


      I wonder if anyone has done this...


      I'm trying to updates incidents via email by sending out reminder notifications that have update text in that customers can reply to and it updates the call. (the same as the LANDesk Support site does


      The problem is that  all the text from the original email is included and I would like to strip it out. I found this that goes some way to explaining that it's possible. From what i can understand though, it looks like a calculation that strips out the stuff that was on the original email using a marker of some sort and some .NET. Thenit would be copied it to another holding field which you could then use an automatic action to add back into the note and send as a reminder to the other people (i think!)





      This is how it looks at the moment. Messy:


      Notification squashed example.PNG



      It looks better on the actualy note as the spacing and line breaks are preserved


      Any advice appreciated