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    USB 3 Driver install issue

    RobLent Specialist

      HI All,


      Currently using LDMS 9.5 SP1.


      During our provisioning we use HII which installed all the drivers we require.  Or so it seems.


      However when the PC has finished the provisioning looking in device manager there is an unknown device.


      Looking at the properties of the device I can see that it is a USB device so I run the Update Driver wizard and point it at our LANDesk Driver store used for HII.


      The wizard scans the store and installs a USB 3.0 Root Hub!


      The question is why does it not do this as part of HII?


      Anyone any ideas?





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          So this is a known issue with USB3 root hubs. During Sysprep the driver for the controller gets installed but the system needs a reboot before it can see the USB 3.0 Root Hub. LANDesk gives us a way to install this USB root Hub now by adding a second HII action in system configuration. What you have to do is go into HII before this step and assign the USB3 root hub driver to all make and models that need it. When your system comes back out of Sysprep this second HII action will check and see that the system has the driver assigned and install it. There was some talk abuot just adding the controller portion of the driver to PE but I never got that to work. Easiest thing for me was to add the second HII action in system configuration. This step will also assign driver packages if you have any setup from distribution packages. Good stuff for drivers such as Nvidia which come with a setup.exe for the various control panels.

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            RobLent Specialist

            Thanks for the reply.


            That seems like the anser then!


            Thank you.

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              The solution by Ascott860 works. Another way to do this is to add the USB 3 driver for the USB 3 host controller into WinPE. That way the host controller driver is installed during the boot process and child devices attached to that are now visible. Now that they are visible HII can see them and add the appropriate driver.


              If you update to the latest 9.5 service pack the windows PE version is updated. The new version already has built in USB 3 drivers so you don't have to do the above actions.

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                RobLent Specialist

                Hi Eric.


                We have just installed SP2 for LDMS 9.5 and I have updated the PXE Rep servers but the USB 3 issue is still there.


                It seems that the updated WIM files still donot install the USB 3 drivers.