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    Provisioning extremely slow after 9.5 SP2 Upgrade

    steve.may Apprentice

      Just upgraded to SP2 the other night and how provisioning is extremely slow.  Our techs informed me that the entire provisioning process used to take about 45 - 55 minutes start to finish and now it's taking close to 5 or 6 hours to complete.


      Anyone else having a similar experience?  Any ideas?

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          Do you have any details about what part of provisioning is taking longer now? Is it depoying the image? Is it software distribution after installing? What steps are you doing in your template?

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            steve.may Apprentice

            Sorry - i guess some more info would be helpful.  It's been really hit or miss where the slow parts occur.


            Everything appears fairly normal unitl we get to the System Configuration phase.  I can tell that the provisioning agent that installed near the beginning can take 15 - 30 minutes to install.  I think it was only taking about 2 - 5 minutes prior to the upgrade.  It seems like all software distribution is extremely slow after the provisioning agent is loaded.  For instance - Adobe Reader took almost 30 minutes to install just on it's own.


            I've also noticed that the Windows 8.1 template that worked prior to the upgrade always fails at "Deploy Image".  Our Windows 7 templates deploy the image fine.  When the 8.1 WIM fails to deploy, I look at the C drive and I see a couple of folders there, so it looks like it starts to deploy and then fails.  I've looked in the log files but haven't found much useful information.

            Thanks for the help!

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              steve.may Apprentice

              So after watching a machine provision, I realized something strange.  Here's a generic timeline:


              1:05PM - Provisioning says that Adobe Reader Software Distribution starts (but the log file we have it create doesn't exist)

              1:25PM - Log file shows up and Adobe Reader is acutally installed.

              1:26PM - According to the log file Adobe Reader installed successfully - Provisioning still shows the task active.

              1:41PM - Provisioning finally shows the task successful and moves to the next.


              After the task begins, CPU Usage on the machine is 0% until the log file shows up so it's obviously not doing anything.  The same is true from the time the install finished until provisioning says the task was successful.  This isn't just with the Adobe Reader install.  This happens with most of the software distribution pacakges in the provisioning template.


              So, what would cause provisioning to just sit there for so long without running the software distribution tasks?