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    PowerShell task to name computer from Service Tag during Provisioning

    jwood8 Apprentice

      Hi all,


      Just a quick one to give something back - we wanted to automatically name our stations to the service tag when provisioning. Here's a simple PowerShell script which you can save as rename.ps1 or something and then just add as a PowerShell distribution package and set as a provisioning step. Tested and works on all our Dell machines with Windows 7 and latest PowerShell, other manufacturers may vary but worth a go.


      $computername = Get-Content env:computername

      $servicetag = Get-WmiObject win32_bios | Select-Object -ExpandProperty SerialNumber

      If ($computername -ne $servicetag)


                Write-Host "Renaming computer to $servicetag..."

                Rename-Computer -NewName $servicetag




                Write-Host "Computer name is already set to service tag, nowt to do!"



      Hope this helps!