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    Assignment not populating "current assignment|" in Incident Manager

    Haley Rookie

      I am attempting to amend my process in our test system (version 7.4).  I want calls logged by analysts to assign to their own group and calls logged by End Users to log to Service Desk group.  (Originally the process logged all calls to Servicedesk).


      I changed the original assignments (2!) in the process to $CurrentGroup$ and these are working without issue (1 and 2 in the below) and the call is assigned to the appropriate group.  I added a new assignment to the process (3) after it decides whether the call was raised by an analyst or end user (checks whether a category has been set) and made that one Service Desk.  This populates assignment in the raised call.


      My Problem: This does not seem to be populating Current Assignment within incident so it does not go to the Service Desk queue, it just sits in no assignment.





      Your help would be appreciated.



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          smiddleton Expert

          Hi Haley,


          Couple of quick thoughts are you using a test end user to raise these and does it have a location set?


          End Users most likely don't have there current group value set which is what $CurrentGroup$ relies on, within our incident process I use a decision to check if the Creation User Type is <> Analyst and then route to a static Service Desk assignment or if it was an analyst then set it to thier current group.


          I suspect the End User account is missing the information your trying to use to set the assignment.