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    Select item in dropdown list in accordance to how a call was open - SelfService or WebDesk



      I have a custom field in the CALL object called "Source", and it´s a reference list with 3 possible values: "SelfService", "Phone" and "Email". End users can log a new call using SelfService, or they can phone or send email to Service Desk to open the call.

      I would like to fullfill automaticaly the "Source" field, in accordance to way the call was open. In case of SelfService, the dropdown list would be fullfilled with "SelfService" entry, and if the call was open by Service Desk, then this dropdown would allow analist to manually select between "Phone" and "Email" options.

      I tried calculation and data filtering, but I didn´t find any way to identify if the call was open using SelfService or WebDesk console.