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    Uninstalling Adobe 9x


      I am somewhat familiar with building distribution packages, only a built a few.  I soon will be faced with uninstalling Adobe 9x from 120 machines, and reinstalling Adobe X.


      Can someone help me navigate the proper way to do this? 

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          Stu McNeill Employee



          I've moved this to the Software Distribution section and this will hopefully now be seen by more people who can help.



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            Rajneeshkaura Rookie

            Dear Ryan,


            You may create one uninstallation batch file from the uninstallation string located in packaged registry.


            And deploy using landesk it will remove all the adobe package from 120 machines in single click.


            Batch file content (Change the registry key accordingly)


            Batch file contents


            (@echo off

            start /B MsiExec.exe /X{26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-2F83217004F0} /quiet







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              mrspike SSMMVPGroup



              Are you talking about the free Reader, or the paid Acrobat product?


              If Reader, you can simply push out the X version and it should remove the 9.x version.


              Not sure about Acrobat, you should do a test installation and see if it removes the older version


              I would suggest you get the Adobe Customization Wizard and create a transform, the option to remove the old product should be in it  http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4950


              Also, if you have Patch Manager as part of your suite, you could create a Custom Definition that looks for the old version and "patches" it with the new version.

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                the goal is/was to remove Adobe Pro 9x from the users PC's.  I worked at this for a while and figured out I could use the clearner tool provided by Adobe, along with some commands in the command line to run the program and clean the PC.  I had to reboot before I could load Adobe X pro however.


                I would like to try running Raj's suggest though, as it seems far more simple than what I assembled.

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                  Rick.Smith1 Specialist



                  With the acrobat products, you may always run into the chance of needing to use the cleaner tool. I personally hate their upgrades and uninstalls, they seem to have issues across the board in several of their products.


                  That being said, one additional resouce you might use in knowing how to do installs\uinstalls is www.itninja.com we use it to see what others have often done with specific deployments of applications, especially silent automations and injection of enterprise licensing.


                  mrspike is also on the right track however. You really should look at the adobe customization wizard and also I would suggest slipstreaming the latest patches into your deployment do to it all at once. Thats really the adobe supported method.


                  Slipstreaming isnt required, and it does make your package bigger, but you do get the lattest updates up front. The other option if you do have Patch manager, is to let it handle updating each patch in chunks. We do this after our initial deployments as opposed to repackaging the entire with each release.