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    Default Value for an Attribute is limited to 1000 Characters - while instance of the Attribute has no limit

    tpratt Apprentice

      I need to be able to include some instructional text on an End User Window (data entry instruction) - so I created a new Attribute and set the Length to -1 (unlimited). I am stuffing the "user instructions" into the Default value of the attribute - but now that all the setup is done anre working [almost] to perferction I find the Default Value is in FACT limited in length.


      This is a limitiation that was set at the database level:


      * Table "MD_Attribute_Type" shows MD_Max_Lenght as "-1". However the data type for the column holding that information is defined as NVARCHAR(1000).


      The Incident Object itself defines the same field as NTEXT allowing the unlimited length.


      Has anyone else run into this? I'm not sure yet (may just try) and see if I can alter the data type of the MD_Attribute_Type table to be VARCHAR(Max). I am not sure if I can in fact do this (MSSQL restriction - it is possible I would nee to drop the column (after saving the data) - redefine - reload - and that is messy). And if I do - what other issues I may run into.


      Has anyone else seen and then resolved this issue with the data model? We are running 7.5 release. I'm not sure of another way to get what I need - I need the Text on an entry window BEFORE an instance of the object is created - otherwise I would punt and use a calculation I suspect to stuff the data into the instaitated object.