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    How to handle / restart explorer.exe during software upgrade

    mrspike SSMMVPGroup

      Wondering if anyone can help with this.


      WinZip has to kill the Explorer Shell (desktop icons, start menu, etc) if it is being installed on a system that already has an earlier version installed due to the hooks it has in the 'right click context menu'.


      If I run my WinZip package manually, the Explorer shell is killed and at the end, it is restarted, but if I run is via the LANDesk Portal, it is killed and does not restart.  This is, I am 99% sure, because it is running a local system.


      I know that if I bring up the task manager and type in explorer.exe it will restart... but users are not going to know that.


      Add a command to to my package to restart explorer.exe does not work either when run via the Portal, again, because it is running as the local system.


      Does anyone have a work around?