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    LD 7.6.2 Console on Windows XP SP3



      i don't know how to install LD 7.6.2 Client Console on Win XP Sp3.


      I'm getting ERROR - XP is not supported..
      It looks like this:




      I've tried to workaround it and i've istall LD on Win7 and then i've copied "CONSOLE" folder to my XP machine.

      I've install NET 4.0 and Java on XP. Then Console working but i'm getting problem like this everywhere in Console Client and i can't do anything:




      My Deadline was yesterday ;/

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          Hi elementh,


          LANDESK Service Desk 7.6.2 and later are not supported on Windows XP environments, as described in the supported platforms documentation - LANDesk Service Desk Suite 7.6.2 Supported Platforms. Unfortunately, as you have discovered with the installer, we try to prevent this from happening as the results will be unpredictable. Any issues that occur as a result of attempting to make console work on XP will not be supported neither will any damage to integrity of the database.





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            Hello Lara,


            can they use Console itself from earlier version, where XP is supported? I noticed I can work with newest Console while connecting to older server? Is it supported to work with different versions of Console and Server environment? What is your opinion about that?

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              You still have the option to upgrade the operating system to Windows 7 or use Web Access.  I would guess you have a plan to replace or re-image the XP systems soon anyways.  I can't imagine using them too long after April 8th.  There are lots of small holes in WebAccess still, little things that are missing, and the odd looking forms that annoy me but it is mostly functional.  I forced most of my light users to use it and they seem OK with it but I suspect that is mostly because they never used the console.  There is just something nice about never timing out, having all of the features, and the background colors of the dashboards.  However, if the alternative is not working then it's an easy decision.

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                Yes, true. Windows XP is obsolete system, but we are facing here 800 analyst for 75k+ users, who still happens to use Windows XP (old national company). Also, WebDesk is great option. LANDESK is clear in showing this is the future, but so far only Console allows to integrate with CTI (I might be wrong), so for many of those analyst it's the only option to have Console.