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    Capturing an Image within a provisioning template

    hendricksonc Apprentice



      Has anyone attempted to Capture an image with a provisioning template?  I have been referring to the explanation of the process  that is found here:   http://help.landesk.com/Topic/Index/ENU/LDMS/9.5/Content/Windows/osd_prov_r_action_types.htm


      My main question is what are you supposed to put down as the path to the image that you want to capture.  There is no path to this image...it should be asking where you want to store the captured image.  Am I wrong?


      How are you supposed to know the path to the image to capture before the image is captured.  And why would you want to capture an image during the process of restoring an image? If I'm laying down an image on a machine, that means it has already been captured and prepped for deployment?  It seems to be a round and round scenario that really makes no sense.  Capturing works perfectly with OSD Scripts both with full Images and Hardware Independent Images, and the process makes sense and is well documented.  This is not the case for capturing an image with provisioning, and I don't believe that part of the template has been perfected or is working at all.  But we are attempting to move everything to the provisioning templates to standardize our procesess so this will become a vital piece. 


      If anyone has gotten this to work in provisioning I'd love to hear your methods. 


      Thank You,

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          The OS Installation section is just terminology and does not mean you can only deploy an image in there. You could actually capture an image immediately followed by deploying an image in a backup then migrate type scenario. So don't get hung up on the section heading.


          The path to the image file asks for the image file name as well. So if you have chosen a Capture Image action in your template, point to the UNC path where you want to store is and give the image a name. Unlike OSD scripts, provisioning doesn't auto-name the image file but you could use an inventory variable using global variables such as %computer - device name% to auto-name the image.


          Admittedly, provisioning isn't as simple to get going because it doesn't have a wizard-driven interface, but if you look at your OSD script and consider how to replicate the steps it follows then you won't go far wrong. Also, it is quite common for a capture to be done using an OSD script but deployment via template just because a capture rarely needs the advanced features of provisioning.


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            hendricksonc Apprentice

            Thanks Mark,


            I have imaging with Provisioning working great with a Hardware independent image that I layer software onto.  Because of the amount of different variations of software as well as several larger software installs that we'd rather not deploy, I have to capture a Hardware specific image to include in the templates.  Up until now, like you had mentioned, I have been using the OSD Capture script to capture my images, but I was asked to research the capture in the provisioning templates.  What is happening is that sometime when we capture an image, the osd capture process causes issues with the image on the captured computer so we have to go back and reimage the machine.  One of our guys was told that capturing with provisioning would alleviate this issue, so I was going to give it a try. 


            I've tried to assign a generic name to the proposed captured image and when it gets to imagew it asks for the specified file as if it's trying to image the machine with it.  It's pretty confusing.  I will try the variable to see if that helps.


            Thanks again!

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              hendricksonc Apprentice

              Just an FYI I got it.  It actually was a boneheaded mistake on my part. I had the wrong command line perimeters,  once I changed them to the correct ones it works!  I initially had them as the deplyment commands /r /o /d:0 /f: etc...  They needed to be /b /d:0 /rb:0 /f: etc...