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    Any FYI for 7.7 upgrades

    dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

      A small trend we have spotted here specially for Oracle customers, is that it's really important to make sure the culture for all users is set.  If you don't, the SQL identifiers generated for common operations get to be too long and you get horrible Oracle errors.


      Also and wierdly, without the culture being set, Console users cannot see embeded images in the description attribute.  Once the culture is set, they can.


      No doubt I missed some docmentation there, but in case anyone else gets this, it's worth a swift update tps_user set tps_culture = 'en-GB' or whatever

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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Dave,


          Thanks for sharing.  That is weird about the cultures needing set.  The multi-lingual functionality shouldn't kick in if the attribute isn't set but perhaps Oracle is reporting it differently to SQL (a blank string rather than null perhaps).


          I will have a play when I get a moment.