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    Using "Call Management" module as a triage process


      Morning all,


      We are implementing the Mail component of LANDesk Service Desk 7.5 and are hoping to use a triage based process to help us along the way.


      Due to the limitations within the mail component it wants to log an Incident or Request based on what you setup.  What we would like to do is utilise the Call Management Module as triage.

      So, an email would come in as Inbound to 1 mailbox Servicedesk@..... this would open a call with the details and then give the Service Desk the option to create a Request or create an Incident.  The call would be closed and the incident or request management process would kick in.


      We feel this gives us greater control over the types of calls that we log rather than use 2 email addresses or end up with requests logged as incidents and visa versa.


      I understand that some other users of LANDesk are implementing this and I am hoping that someone might be able to share their experiences of this?


      I am happy to do a reciprocal share if I can be of any help.