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    Role for software deployment only

    rickorhino Apprentice

      If I wanted to create a role where a console user could only add and remove machines to an existing task and then be able to deploy that task how would you assign that permission? I don't want them to have any access to Distribution packages, Direcotry Management or Delivery Methods the admins will build all that one the back end. Just need techs to add machines to a task and start the task.

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          Peter Massa Expert



          Create a role and choose View and Deploy Distribution packages.


          This will give them the ability to move devices into and out of tasks and start them.


          Some things to consider - in order to grant Deploy for packages, it is a dependancy to grant View.  This means your technicians will be able to view the packages already created.


          Depending on your version of LANDesk - some versions when you grant view packages - it also grants visibility into Directory management, but does not allow them to make changes.  I consider this to be a bug - however I am not sure what its official status is.




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            Alex.Richardson SSMMVPGroup

            The other option is to create AD groups for each SW package. If you then link that group through a LDAP query in LANDesk to a policy based SW delivery task then all your staff have to do is change the group memberships and dont even need acces to the LANDesk console.


            You do need to use a policy based delivery for this as LANDesk updates the LDAP query every hour by default for policy only. It is then also determined by the clients policy run schedule to when the SW would be deployed on their system.

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              Since LANDESK manage deploying through a TASK. The only access you need to give to your techs (As Peter said) are "View" and "Deploy". This is not just for "Distribution Packages"  but for everything you need them to deploy, like: Power Management, Agents Configuration (here in case you don't  manage the agent installation using "Distribution Package"), Patch and Compliance so on..


              I place all the packages to the "Public" container. Here is a picture of a what I am talking about.

              I hope it helps,photo.JPG