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    Office 365 Support

    derekhamaker Apprentice

      We use LANDesk Management Suite 9.5 SP1 along side AirWatch on-prem for mobility. We chose this route becuase LD did not support Office 365 for MDM, which was an impending migraiton. Well, here we are, in the first site migrations and are having a terrible time with AirWatch - due to issues with a quarantine policy and powershell integration, amongst other things.


      Has anything changed for LD's support of Office 365. I can't find anything in the forums that point to that change, but I find it hard to fathom there is still no support. Can someone provide some direction here?



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          jasonjmitchell Employee

          Have you tried it on iOS? If you're using EAS, that should be there. EAS for Samsung has been implemented and will roll out in the Q2 release.

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            HI Derek


            Since jasonjmitchell last responded, we found some critical differences between standard EAS and Office 365. We have made some changes to support this functionality, and over the weekend these changes went live. This Q2 2014 release included updates for supporting Office 365 both for iOS and Samsung devices.




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              derekhamaker Apprentice

              Thanks, Jon.

              Specifically, the support we are looking to implement is the ability to establish the quarantine policy for all connected devices. The MDM would then communicate with O365 to allow enrolled devices.

              Real Life Example (and how we do it now with AirWatch)

                  All devices that connect to O365 are quarantined by default.

                  A device enrolls into AirWatch. AW deploys the profile to connect to O365 (outlook.office365.com) and supplies variables for the user's uid and they are prompted for their password to connect.

                  The device connects to O365 and is immediately quarantined.

                  AirWatch executes regular powershell scripts on O365 that releases the quarantine on devices it manages.

                  This prevents Joe User from setting up his personal device without our company being able to manage it, and CONTROL our company data.


              This is the piece that has been missing for us to effectively use the LANDesk MDM, which we own through TUM licensing.