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    SAP time out error 400



      We are using the Wavelink TE industrial browser.


      I'd like to know how to handle the browser error 400.

      This happens when a user's logon has timed out in SAP.


      I would like to have the scanner go back to the site that is configured in the host profile.

      Right now it stays on the error screen.

      We have the browser menu hidden, so the only way for the user to get back to the URL in the host profile is to re-boot the device.


      There is an option in the emualtion coniguration to re-direct the user to a URL if there is a 404 error.

      Is it possible to do something like this when tere is a 400 error?




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          cachilli SupportEmployee



          There are 2 options in the TE emulation parameters to reconnect if the session drops, "Auto Connect Session", and Auto Resume Sessions.. Read over each description to find which ones best fit your assume..


          Auto Connect Session:

               Should the terminal attempt to reconnect after a connection is closed.


          Auto Resume Sessions:

               Should the terminal automatically attempt to reconnect using the same host profile that was selected the last time the terminal was run.


          Also for features that are not currently in the product, you can contact sales and inquire on functionality that you would like to see in a future release..

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            I called support and found out that those settings only apply to the telnet screens, not the WEB screens.


            There is no way to have the session automatically pull up my host url.  The industrial browser does not know about the 400 error.


            One solution was to use a script tied to a function key to call the host url.

            It's not automatic, but it gives the user one key to press instead of re-booting the device.

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              you have to work with SAP Config itself...


              in SAP transaction SICF - there is a way to re-direct to login screen upon timeout.

              It's a Standard setting available in SAP....


              Let me know if you are not able to find the setting