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    Issue Executing a Batch File on a Remote Machine



      I am having an issue when trying to execute a batch file on a remote machine. Basically I have around 300 servers that I have copied a batch file to that I need to run. The batch file uses xcopy to copy files to other PC's on that servers domain.



      I have created a file copy script that copies the batch file from my machine to the servers. That part works as expected and copies the batch file to my specified location...



      I then created another task which runs a batch file that tries to execute the batch file I have copied to the servers. This is where I have issues. It seems that the batch file does run but the LANDesk scheduled task returns as failed. Also it doesn't complete the xcopy as expected.



      I have put some error handling in the batch file I use to execute the remote one. I have used things like:



      if exist C:\CopyUp.bat echo BLAH BLAH BLAH !!!! THIS WORKED >> YUP.DAT






      if not exist C:\CopyUp.bat echo BLAH BLAH BLAH !!!! THIS WORKED >> NOPE.DAT



      In some cases I have found that the YUP.DAT & NOPE.DAT file is created meaning the batch file ran but the xcopy does not work. When I run the batch file manually on one of the servers the xcopy works and the files are moved as expected.



      Long story short I am hoping someone can help me out as there may be another way to execute this batch file on a remote machine.



      Thank you.












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          Its probably not working like you expect because the batch file is running as LocalSystem when launched by LANDesk, and when manually run its as a logged on user.


          Look at this link for more info on .bat files: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2320

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            Might be a permissions thing. The script runs a local system, which is not a member of the everyone group, but is a member of "Domain Computers" ?









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              ahe Expert

              Hello Mitch,


              add some more logging in your copy batch, to check the errorlevel of XCOP'Y:


              set errorlog=%temp%\errorlogfile.txt
              xcopy /S /E /R /Y "your_folder\your_source_files" "your_destination" >nul
              if errorlevel=4 goto ERR4_XCOPY
              if errorlevel=3 goto ERR3_XCOPY
              if errorlevel=2 goto ERR2_XCOPY
              if errorlevel=1 goto ERR1_XCOPY
              if errorlevel=0 goto REG_FILES
              goto UN_COPY_ERROR
              REM *****************************  XCOPY-Errors  ************************************
              .>> %errorlog% echo %computername%;  No files to copy are found! 
              goto END
              .>> %errorlog% echo %computername%;  The user breaks xcopy with STRG+C !
              goto END
              .>> %errorlog% echo %computername%;  Initialization error, not enough memory or unknown drive name or wrong syntax!  
              goto END
              .>> %errorlog% echo %computername%;  During write a error occured!
              goto END
              .>> %errorlog% echo %computername%; Unknown error! 
              goto END 
              REM *********************************************************************************



              (delete the dot in the lines with ".>>" . I don't find a way to do ">>" in code without a dot...)


              As the other guys mentioned, it could be that the local system account of some servers do not have the rights to copy files to your wished location.



              You can find a great document here: About Batch File Distribution Packages








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                Hi Guys,



                Thanks for your assistance. Although I have not got this to work as yet I am definately on the right track.