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    Losing drivers and partition sizing on OSD deployment


      A bit of a newbie in OSD, so I need some input as to my issue with OSD.

      Are using LDMS 9.5 SP2. Imaging a Dell E7440.

      My steps have been:

      On source PC configuring with WIn 7, install apps etc. Start sysprep Audit, no geneneralize, shutdown.

      I check for partition # of C drive using diskpart

      I capture the image using OSD script with Image W V2.

      aWhen capture is done, source machine can't boot because no OS

      Image capture itself seems to work


      I deploy Image onto destination PC using OSD script configured to use sysprep.

      Image deploys, PC boots successfully, sysprep OBE runs, Agent installs.

      After boot complete desktop resolution is set at lowest level, device manager shows 3 unknown devices,

      and the C; parttion is shrunk in half with the balance of space unallocated.

      Comparing the source driver files to destination, the actual driver files are missing for the unknown devices.

      Is this a sysprep thing, OSD, a combination or am I doing something very wrong.

      Thanks in advance.