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    How to read TID + EPC + RESERVED + USER MEMORY in the same time?




      I'm sorry for to opened in the last days two wrong request, and I removed them, but I studied a lot the problem I have and now I found what I would to ask.

      When I use the Wavelink Telnet CE with RFID scan, I noticed that the data read is only the EPC. I tried to change the setup of RFID MEMORY BANK and RFID MEMORY BANK FORMAT using the different options, TID, MEMORY BANK but I found only the TID or MEMORY BANK datas (if I use MEMORY BANK it gives me 8 hex chars + EPC data) but not the union of the two datas.


      For example I take 4 RFID's labels and checked with the scanner that they have 5 different TIDs (for semplify I think they have 01, 02, 03 values).

      Now I create on these labels the EPC datas (for semplify I'll give them the same value for all: AAAA).


      Now I have 3 labels with TID=01 EPC=AAAA and TID=02 EPC=AAAA and TID=03 EPC=AAAA. If I use the scanner on the Wavelink Telnet CE (a Motorola 3190Z handheld) to scan these RFID labels, it read only one label with EPC=AAAA 'cause all have the same EPC value.


      If I use the VBRFIDSample6 software in Visual Basic installed on the handheld, it gives me the same result, one record with EPC=AAAA but read 3 times.

      If I try to read only the TID, it gives me only 1 TID and not the others (read 3 times) and not the original 01 or 02 or 03 values but another value.

      I don't understand if there's a mistake when I write the labels and make the wrong operation overwriting the original TID (I don't know if it's possible and I know isn't possibile) or if there's a setup or a parameter on the scanner Wavelink software to let me to read not only TID, or EPC, or User Memory, or Reserved, but all these datas in the same time.