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    Caching files before an installation


      I am looking for a way to configure up tasks/delivery method/whatever to get package installation a certain way. I am testing v9.5 SP2, but can't find a way to work this.


      I want to be able to have a task, that when it kicks off on the client, is initially silent, the files associated with the task are downloaded\cached locally, and only then it automatically prompts the user to run the installation. So, not the pre-caching feature in Delivery Methods which doesn't run the installation, but something like it that then DOES run the installation. All in one step.


      I have a user base that travels a LOT. And I don't want to prompt the user to close an application to install the something (say an Adobe Acrobat update)., then have to wait a long time until the package is then downloaded over a slow link before it actually installs. If you have several of these this can make the user wait a long time before the download and install are done before they can use their app again.


      Any ideas how this can be done with the newest version?



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          JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

          In delivery methods couldn't your just set it to only prompt once install is ready? (See pic)Delivery.JPG

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            Rick.Smith1 Specialist

            If you build your main Distribution Package to run the install commands, you could setup an additional distribution package as a dependency that simply extracts the files.


            We do something similar for extremley large installs. We bundle the installation files in several self extracting compressed files and set this up as its own distribution package. We set the Detection logic to the last file that is extracted. We also do this because we extract and keep our installation files in a directory outside of SDMCache.This part is silent.


            The main install distribution package is setup so that it has a dependency on our file extraction package, and is generally much smaller in size, 1-2MB and contains the installation instruction commands. This part we usually keep silent, but is also where we would display something to the end user.


            I suppose if you setup your Scheduled Task\Delivery method as a Policy\Required Installation, it would work best for your remote users. We use this generally for our PUSH jobs.


            On the other hand... hopefully you are using LANDesk patching for acrobat updates and have a gateway setup for better management of your mobile users. The new features to also download the patches direct from the origin (ex: direct from adobe instead of through our gateway or vpn) is something we have been waiting for.