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    LANDesk Management Suite 9.5 SP1 - Best Practice HII 9.5SP1 for DELL Computers

    ldms_4mfe Apprentice

      I want to show you how I fixed all of our HII Problems in 9.5 SP1 and dramatically speeded up the provisioning process with a few simple steps.
      We working with this method for weeks now without any problems...so I wanted to share it to the community.



      No DELL USB 3.0 Driver Problems, No more Blue Screens after StandBy Mode, No mixing of drivers because of generic Hardware IDs, massivly speeded up Provisioning Process



      1. Create a Driver Share like this
        2014-04-03 22_09_21-Drivers.png
        You get this Drivers from here: Dell Driver CAB files for Enterprise Client OS Deployment
      2. Become familiar with the oldschool Copydrivers.exe-Tool and populate the .ini like this.

        2014-04-03 22_18_54-copydrivers.ini - Editor.png
      3. Edit your Provisioning Template
        Map a Network Drive to preferred Server
        2014-04-03 22_22_16-Template.png

        Run the Copydrivers.exe with /c
        2014-04-03 22_23_36-Template.png

        Run the Microsoft DISM-Command
        /image:c:\ /add-driver /driver:"c:\Drivers" /recurse /forceunsigned
        2014-04-03 22_24_29-Template.png
      4. DELETE HII from the Template (its not needed in the POST-OS Section anymore)
        2014-04-03 22_30_54-Template.png


      Now your Windows Installation has all drivers that are needed right for this computer model.



      Kind regards,
      Marco Feuerstein