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    Hii fails during Provisioning in 9.5 SP2

    MrGadget Expert

      I have setup a new install of 9.5 plus SP2.


      Using the same provisioning template from 9.5 No SP1 or 2 (which always worked), Hii continuely fails. In the Hiiclient log it says "Can't find  ImageSystemDirectory" Failed to download driver.db3 file.


      I noticed doing a diskpart on the harddrive there are no volume letters, could this be the problem? If so why is it acting this way in 9.5 SP2 and not in 9.5?


      Also if someone could answer this, in doing a PXE boot to Provisioning template it gives you a dropdown with different delivery methods, do these really do anything to the delivery method or does this dopdown really need to be removed because it only uses 1 method?

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          LANDave SupportEmployee

          From your client I would like to see the HIICLIENT.log and the HIIHandler.log.  Both of these logs are either in X:\LDProvision or X:\LDCLIENT.


          Also, I would go to the properties of the HII Action and uncheck the box "Stop processing the template if this action fails" and see where it gets you.

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            MrGadget Expert


            I did not have the "Stop processing the template if this action fails" checked.


            I got it to work by doing the following:


            Here's what I have found, under 9.5 standard the provisioning scripting apparently mounts the partition and in 9.5 SP2 it doesn't so there is no drive letter.


            I had to add a action of "assign driveletter"- partition -mount - partition id 3 (my os partition)  letter D (I used D because i saw an example template with that, not sure if letter makes any difference)


            Also the template sucessfully completed but it failed to install Intel rapid storage AHCI driver. I tryed your "Hardware Independent Imaging (HII) Preview doc and ran hiiclient but it fails. I left a comment under that doc.

            It says in the hiiclient log fails to access hklm\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion 'key


            I'm going to get a 8.1 version and install in Winpe and see if that does it.