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    Aaargghh! Webdesk Window Layout!

    Adam Wilden Expert



      I've been trying to design a window for WebDesk ready for tomorrow (I have about a dozen left to do) and I forgot how much work is involved trying to make it display properly.


      I'm still on the first one after 2 hours so would appreciate any advice.


      I've been suffering Webdesk layout for years now and thought I had become quite good at it - I've been through all the guides and posts.  And I planned in adavance so that when creating new fields I made sure they were all the same length where possible.


      The problem is the Date/time field. 


      As soon as I add one to the window, all of the other fields get much longer and extend off the right of the screen. I've put them in their own group box and I've tried with or without labels, changed the length etc., everything is aligned perfectly to the pixel.  Except when I've deliberately tried making tehm diffreent lengths.


      I've only got this evening left so we may have to simply not use the date/time and go for plain text, which would be a shame, unless anyone knows any further tricks I can try.


      Cheers - Adam. (We are using v7.7).

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          Adam Wilden Expert

          We compromised....


          Setting the date controls to DateOnly meant we could get the windows looking reasonable.


          The problem seems to be caused when other controls have labels set to not-visible.


          We've added a free text field for time.

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            Web Windows in general is one of those things that was supposed to get fixed.  I have not seen an update as to when, if, or how it will be fixed.  Maybe someone will post an update.  Hey, at least we do have dynamic forms and the ability to add a picture to an incident, that's something.

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              Adam Wilden Expert

              Embedded images work really well with WebDesk and Self Service.  We are very pleased with how it's all looking (hence being fussy with the windows).  UAT feedback on the design and aesthetics has been really good.


              We have also stopped offering Console as an option which makes things much simpler, and will be disabling email and going portal-only re communication with customers (scary).


              There's a bug (reported and being assessed) stopping us using dynamic windows as it can clear the content from read-only HTML fields if anyone clicks on Save again -  so we are delaying using this feature for now. 


              Shame Windows Views don't work with Statuses, only on Actions which we've levered in to teh processes as a solution when required - but you can't have everything.