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    Restore / Undelete System-Location

    sprooney Apprentice



      wonder if anyone can help me, we have accidentally deleted a location from our reference list within system->location.  Now this has happened in our Dev environment and not until we have attempted to run TTL has this come to light.


      Is anyone aware of a method to retireve the location from the deleted pile?  I assume these are soft deleted?


      I have a fairly substantial number of changes in Dev that I really do not wish to lose.  On trying to unpick the places the location is referenced I have come unstuck where it is referenced within the following location:-


      Foreign Key: fk$usr_locat$im_incid$BD4DC384

      Object: System -> Location

      Database Table: usr_location

      Referenced From Object: Incident Management -> Incident

      Reference Attribute: SelfServiceUserLocation

      Database Table: im_incident

      Database Column: usr_selfserviceuserlocation


      So as I have come to a grinding halt trying to unpick it, I thought I'd ask the question if it can be undeleted in a similar manner to a user?


      ANY help much appreciated.