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    How to change when a Hardware Scan runs

    bauza Rookie

      NOT ANSWERED... Sorry for the bolded red capital letters, I didn't know how to change the status back to not answered.


      Problem - every day at 2:21pm our customer service reps complain that their PC's lock up and their mouse starts moving uncontrollably across the screen. It only lasts for about 5 seconds but it's usually when they're on the phone with a customer and trying to type something.


      Nothing else is happening on the PC at that time except a hardware scan followed closely by an update to the inventory server as shown in the included screen shot.


      I've already rewritten the agent with a new maintenance window running all scans after business hours but that didn't help. I’ve completely uninstalled the old agent and reinstalled the new one but nothing seems to change when this runs. 


      Does anyone have any idea on what I can do to change when those scan runs?




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          JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

          What version of LDMS are you on? The Inventory scan shouldnt be causing systems to lock up because they should be doing deltas and to verify they are you can go in the LDMS Console | Configure | Services...| Inventory | Adanced Settings... and look for Do Delta and it should be set to the Value of 1. Also I assume the user is using a Windows 7 workstation and what antivirus are you using? Are you using the LANDesk Security Suite as well?

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            bauza Rookie

            LANDesk 9.5 SP2 We're on Windows 7, we're using McAfee Enterprise 8.8i.and we also have LD Securtiy Suite


            Do Delta is set to 1.


            I was out sick yesterday but I this morning I noticed that the scheduled events that I wanted finally changed. I think I have the issue figured out. My only question is why did it take so long? But thats for another day.


            Thanks for all your help.



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              bauza Rookie

              False alarm - I'm still having the same issue.


              The reason the last scan had a different date was because someone in the help desk kicked it off manually.


              I have completely rebuilt the the agent with a new maintenance window nowhere close to the 2:21p time frame in which these scans are kicking off.


              Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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                amagi Expert

                Hi, try logging into the client and from the LDCLIENT directory Run "LocalSch.exe /tasks | more".

                So you can see why there is a scheduled inventory scan every day at 2:21

                (maybe there is a scheduled task repeated every day?)

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                  MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                  Look at the inventory of an affected machine. In the LANDESK section of the inventory keep drilling down and you will see the locally scheduled tasks. Check what is set in there. Anything that might affect it?


                  Also, if you are on 9.5 and SP1, there is an Inventory Settings in the client configuration. This will cause an inventory (HW and SW) to run after a software distribution has taken place. That could be impacting. Any SW Distributions happening around that time?


                  Out of interest, the impact you are describing is very unusual. Are you able to replicate it by manually running an inventory scan? If so, then it would be a good idea to log this directly with support. There may be a way to work around this but also they could potentially issue an update that fixes the problem. Troubleshooting is definitely required.


                  Additional FYI. Existing locally scheduled tasks are set to run at the interval specified after the previous run completed. So if the scanner ran at 2pm and took 2 minutes to complete, a per day interval would run the next one at 2:02PM the following day. Normally this means that machines would end up with scans congregating near the beginning of the day because of devices are off at the weekend the next scan will happen close to the time the machine started up becuase more than one day has already passed since the end of the previous run.


                  Perhaps if you include a screenshot of the scanner configuration you have created. That way we can tell if there are any settings in there that might cause the scan to run at this unexpected time.



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                    bauza Rookie

                    This is it!  We had a task created a long time ago on our old server that was given an unrelated name and so I bypassed it when I was combing through all our tasks. I couldn’t make the connection between that task and the problem because it was so old and it' funky name. I have sense deleted that task and all is well.


                    Our troubles began when we shut down our old server. The problematic task was looking for old server but never erred it just reset itself for the next day.


                    And to top it off - the problem didn't get reported to for a couple weeks so that added just added to the mystery.



                    Thanks for all your help!