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    Package distribution Silverlight failed in Provisionning


      Hi All,

      I have an issue I can't explained.

      I a mtrying to deploy Microsoft Silverlight 5.1 exe in a provisining task at the System config STEP.

      This package distribution failed with internal status -1917516206.

      What is really strange to me is that : if I try to deploy the package after the provisionning task has failed from a scheduled task then it is succesfully deployed!

      I havent reboot the the computer, or didn't do anything on it.

      Have you any idea that can explain why my package distribution failed in the provisionning?

      I use Landesl Management Suite 9.5 SP3.


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          LANDave SupportEmployee

          What would be useful is for you to include the SDClientHandler.log file.   You may need to add a "Wait" action to your template.


          The SDClientHandler.log file will then be in the X:\LDProvision folder folder on the client.


          The SDCLIENTHandler.log file logs activity by SDCLIENT.EXE.   SDCLIENT.EXE is the software distribution executable for handling Software Distribution jobs to the client.


          Another useful log may be SDCLIENT.LOG from the X:\LDCLIENT\DATA directory.


          In addition, look in the LDPROVISION.LOG in X:\LDPROVISION.


          Please post the relevant sections from each log.