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    SQL Scripts to block mail domains or mail address in landesk


      Dear LANDesk Gurus,


      We have a few service desk email accounts and listeners mail accounts for LANDesk to log tickets. The problem is the primary service desk email accounts are filled either with Junk, spam, non IT related mail and historical mail as some of these mail accounts have been open for a long time. This creates an extra layer of work filtering out the mail before the SD staff move them to the listeners mailboxes for LANDesk to read them.

      What I wish to know is there any way at in LANDesk that can block / blacklist incoming mail from mail domains and mail address? We can use our mail security systems as well but it would be very handy to enable this in LANDesk as well.

      This would stop the extra layer of going through the service email accounts and manually moving service desk mail to the listener mailboxes setup for LANDesk to read. So the aim would be to use the just the primary service desk emails we have and just configure those with the mail listener.

      Any help would be great.