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    LanDesk Antivirus

    ffazzi Rookie



      we have a license trial for LanDesk Antivirus. In a small lab we have a big problem: the AV isn't installed. We made a new agent with the modules installed (box checked) anyway the HIPS is installed, but not the AV. I tried several time, update, policy sinc... anyway the AV isn't apperead. Someone's got an idea? Thank you.

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          rmeyer SupportEmployee

          Make sure you are testing this with 9.5 SP2 because that has all of the current fixes for AV install issues. Also, make sure that you have removed any other Security/antivirus programs from the computer.

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            ffazzi Rookie

            We are testing on 9.5SP2. Actually this new agent with LD AV packed uninstall mcafee (our licensed antivirus) and install, this is strange, the HiPS but not the AV.

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              rmeyer SupportEmployee

              The most common cause of AV not installing is caused by an incompatible AV still installed on the computer. You can see this in the AV install log that is avaialble in the ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab folder on the client. If you need help with this, please open a case with LANDesk Support.