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    Changes to reassign - using random number calculation?

    colinheinen Apprentice

      I'm looking into a clever way of redesigning the way we reassign tickets in LANDESK; at the moment an engineer simply ticks a box to confirm they have spoken to the engineer they are reassigning the ticket to. Problem with this is sometimes people reassign first, then tell them after/or forget!


      I was thinking of some type of authentication method for reassigning a ticket; e.g. the person reassigning the call has to enter a 'secret code' which is only visible to the currently assigned engineer in order to reassign the ticket. So i'd have two different window designs, one that the current assignee sees and the other everyone else sees.


      I was then going to create a new string attribute called secret code which would get calculated after the incident is initially created and is hidden to everyone BUT the current assignee.


      My plan was to use a standard calculation on the object to put a random number in that field using a system Random function - similar to the PHP function 'rand' - problem is i can't figure out how to do this in BOO?


      Has anyone done this before or know what the calculation would be to generate a random number?

      Or can anyone think of a better way to handle reassigning tickets? Something that means (god forbid) that engineers actually speak to each other!


      Thanks (version is 7.5)